Thursday, December 09, 2010

#52 Learn about Wine

My name is Rhian and I like a glass of wine. There, I said it!

I don't drink every night, but I will have a glass of wine more evenings than not. Sometimes with water or as a spritzer, and I am happy to just have the one glass.

One of my favourite quotes is:

"I love to cook with wine....sometimes I'll even put it in the food!"

And it's true. If I am cooking a nice meal, I'll get out my knife, chopping board, ingredients and a glass of wine. Mainly it will sit there until I've finished cooking, but there's always something missing if it's not there - especially on a Friday night.

My preference is white wine, but if the mood or food is right, I will have a glass of red and I do tend to use red wine rather than white in cooking. 

Item number 52 on my 101 things list to to learn about wine. I know what I like and I enjoy finding new wines, but I don't think I could identify grape types and I can't pick out flavours or match with food (apart from the basic fish & chicken = white wine, red meat = red wine). 

So, I have decided I will start to learn a bit more about wine. I'll blog about my findings partly to share with you what I learn, partly to record my progress and remind me what I've learnt. If you fancy joining me on my little quest let me know by commenting below or come and find me on Twitter


Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Red Wine Risotto

Ok, so it's not the most appetising of photos - but it tasted lovely! For those that don't know I have a list of 101 Things to do in 1001 Days. On this list is to cook every recipe in Rachel Allen's Home Cooking book.

I tried a version of Red Wine Risotto a few months back, but didn't have an chorizo, so thought we should try it again. Yesterday my copy of Eclipse (the third in the Twilight saga) finally arrived, so my friend (Mrs M) - who was as excited as me - and her husband came round for food & DVD watching. Boys in the kitchen making food, girls watching Edward & Jacob on the TV.

I was a little wary of the risotto (the first time I made it) as it brought back memories of trying to make a red wine sauce with cream when I was in did not go well! So I have limited my red wine in food to a bolognese sauce or Coq au Vin. However the feedback on the risotto was good. It does completely change the flavour and the chorizo gave it some extra depth. I would defnitely make it again and am happy to experiment with it in the future.

In case you don't know, the Oui Chef Table this month is Red Wine & Cinnamon. Hence the little lego dude below. :)