Monday, November 08, 2010

Supporting TREAT Trust Wales

In June of this year I recieved a phone call in work from a lady called Melanie who wanted me to do some work on a website for free. I admit that at first I was not overly impressed and didn't really want to get involved. We had already sponsored websites for Llys Nini, a local animal centre, Waunarlwydd RFC and The William King Educational Trust (of which my parents are patrons) and didn't feel we had time to get involved with another project.

However, Mel explained about TREAT and what their aim was and told me a little bit about herself, so I had a chat with my boss and we decided that if the time we could spare was enough to help them achieve what they wanted, then we'd go from there. So we arranged a meeting with Mel and Mike of TREAT and myself and a designer from work and off we went for lunch.

I spent a few hours with Mel and Mike and couldn't help but be impressed by Mel's drive and ambition. Despite being in a wheelchair following a motorbike accident when she was 15 and surviving cancer Mel was completely focused on raising £10 million to build a therapy centre in Swansea. Mel is an amazing woman, and an inspiration to many. She has written a book (Never Say Die
) and won a bronze medal in athletics for Wales.

Over the last few months working on the website with Mel, I have come to fully understand the project and the need for a centre like this in Wales. It is not aimed just at people with disabilities, it's for everyone and their families. For people living with cancer, for injured soldiers and sportsmen, for people suffering with diabetes, for anyone with - or without - a health issue. It is intended to provide a space that everyone can use regardless of ability, offering treatments that may not otherwise be available and providing support where NHS care finishes.

This is just a quick snapshot of what TREAT wants to do and there's plenty more information on their website:

Mel's drive is contagious & has definitely rubbed off on me. Life is too short to not do what you want, to not have something to aim for. So - go for it, dudes!

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