Monday, October 18, 2010

No. 9: Don't buy new clothes for 3 months

Now, this challenge started on 1st October 2010. Which means that I won't be buying any new clothes until NEXT YEAR!! That's right! So far it has been ok. It has taken some willpower I have had to walk out of shops, but I've done it - with the exception of new tights and a vest I needed for a fancy dress night. But that is all I have bought, and tights don't count anyway!

I have every intention of sticking to this in an attempt to save a bit of money and rediscover my wardrobe. Especially as I haven't seen many of my winter clothes for a few months anyway, so as long as I bring things out in bits and pieces, it'll feel like I have new clothes anyway.

So, just a couple of rules:
1. Tights, socks & underwear are needed and can be purchased.
2. Jewellery does not count either.
3. If I see a mac I like, I will buy it as I've been looking for one for ages!

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