Tuesday, October 26, 2010

No. 82: Vegetarian Week [Done]

So last week hubby & I decided that we would try to be vegetarian for a week. No particular reason really, just to see if we could do it & to save a bit of cash.

Hubby didn't manage the full week, but I'm not going to go on about it!

I did 'cheat' a little - at about 10pm on the Saturday night (we started on the previous Sunday). 10 of us had gone for a Chinese to celebrate a friends birthday. I was determined to stay veggie, but they had all of about 6 vegetable options, 4 of them containing fish. So, it was (very logically) pointed out to me that technically I had managed 7 days, from 10pm the previous Saturday to 10pm this Saturday....so I tucked into Spare Ribs, Aromatic Crispy Duck, Fillet Steak cantonese style, King Prawns, Chicken in Black bean & Special Fried Rice - not all to myself, obviously! :)

What did I learn from Vegetarian Week?

1. I 'could' be vegetarian, if I had to. I didn't miss meat - well, not until we went to The Brasserie in Swansea on the Friday night, where I know they do the best fillet steak. Again the menu consisted of about 3 veg starters and 6 main courses, but enough for me to choose from - they do, after all, specialise in meat and fish.

2. Not to make meat or fish the main ingredient of every dish. I love mushroom stroganoff, and made a great sweet potato curry.

3. I definitely could not be vegan. I ate a lot of cheese this week, and would have really struggled without cheese, milk, cream, eggs, etc.

4. That alcohol affects hubby a lot more on vegetarian week! Not sure if this is a fact of life, but he was definitely more tipsy this week than 'normal'.

5. It's a lot easier to get in your 5-a-day if that's all you eat. Obvious I know, but it hadn't really dawned on me before.

What I do it again? Definitely! I am not going to switch to a vegetarian diet but I am going to make an effort to eat less meat, more vegetables and fish. And we are going to try it again but adding meat to the diet. 


Miss N said...

I think that it is great that you gave it a go :)
I think that people's default thought is that meat & fish are the main event for every single meal. A vegetarian diet can be both healthy & tasty :)

Rhian said...

Thanks hun. I still struggle a little to not focus every meal on a meat or fish, but it's getting easier. Trying to have one veggie day a week. :)