Monday, October 25, 2010

I is for .... IMAGE

Lottie's next challenge it to look at our current image, write down what image we'd like to have and how to get there.

1. Write down 3 words that describe your image now.

  • Grey: because I tend to opt for dark, grey/black clothes. They are easy to match and I don't have to worry about standing out. 
  • Quirky: this one I actually borrowed from a friend who once used it to describe my dress sense. I quite like it and want to keep the 'edge'. My sister, on the other hand, laughs because I try to match everything - but I put this down as another quirk. :)
  • Casual: I love my jeans and denim skirts, and often get told I'm too casual for work. I suppose this could also be described as sloppy . Often I will dress up only to leave the 'glamour' behind but wearing my Ugg  boots or chucking a chunky cardigan on top, rather than some nice shoes and a blazer jacket.   
2. Write down 3 words you would like to use to describe your image.

  • Professional: for me this encompasses quite a range - smart, confident, assertive - but it doesn't necessarily mean suits and court shoes. If I am doing my web design/marketing it's a very different professional to baking. For example, red nail varnish would look great at a business lunch, but doesn't go down well in the kitchen!
  • Fun: I suppose another version of quirky! I like statement jewellery, scarves and bags and is one way of adding something a bit different to an outfit. 
  • Fabulous: well, isn't this the point of this course? :) Also to include feminine, obviously!

3. Write down 3 things you love about the way you present yourself (what you wear, how you act, what you do)
  • I love ... that I keep my make-up fairly natural and don't go overboard on foundation and that I don't use fake tan. I will wear more make up on a night out, and have recently dyed my hair red - so can't say I'm completely natural! 
  • I love ... my hair! It's definitely much better short (and red!) and have had loads of compliments. Plus it's SO easy to do.
  • I love ... my bags, jewellery & shoes and my apparently 'quirky' sense of style. :)

4. Write down 5 things you can do to change your image or further enhance the good bits of your present image.

  • Don't slack! I can be a little bit rubbish at taking my make up off at the end of the day, or always using eye cream, and need to spend more time keeping on top of my general maintenance. Legs, eyebrows, nails, that kind of thing.
  • Get back into a fitness routine & proper sleep pattern.
  • Spend more time planning outfits so I don't just throw on the first thing I find, and inject a bit of colour into my outfits.
  • Don't worry about what people think and add a little fabulous to my day! I know this has been covered before but it's something I need to take more notice of. A pair of heels, a lovely scarf, a fancy brooch or a handbag, some nail varnish (not just left over from the weekend), a different perfume...just something a bit different. 
  • Start an evening class. This is something I've been thinking about for a while. A way to meet people & expand my mind. So will keep an eye out for courses and see what takes my fancy - wine tasting, dress making, a language maybe....
Today is exactly the kind of day I am trying to avoid. I had to take my make up off this morning, and didn't have enough time for my full routine.I am wearing black trousers, black vest, black & grey stripey jumper & black boots. With a black bag, no jewellery and nail varnish I put on to go out on Saturday. I am feeling a bit rubbish - hence the complete lack of interest & staying in bed too late.


Lottie said...

Fabulous post. We need to do something about all the black and grey, it's not good for a person. Pick a colour you think you can carry off comfortably and go and buy two tops to mix in with the black pieces you have. You can also inject colour with your quirky jewellery.

Try not to take on too much. Concentrate on a couple of things at a time as if not you will feel overwhlemed and ultimately deflated when you can't achieve everything.

I think this week you should aim to add colour to your outfit everyday for a week. With your fabulous red hair it shouldn't be too hard and will make you feel fab.

You rock! Xx

PS agree about the red nail varnish. Can't stand people filming cooking with red nail varnish, it's just not appropriate.

Rhian said...

Thanks Lottie! I am still amazed by the difference the Finishing School is making - and we're only on I! :)

Definitely going to make more of an effort with colour, especially as the weather is getting so miserable too. I may take you up on that challenge...

Red-haired hiker said...

Ace post. I "had my colours done" then followed up with an Image Day from House of Colour. About £200 overall but so, so worth it. It does sounds like you're already well on the way though, so keep it up!

Rhian said...

Wow - what does that involve? Sounds interesting!