Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Today is Halloween - but as it falls on a Sunday we decided it would be best to celebrate it on a night when we didnt have work the next day. I've never been a huge fan of Halloween, didn't go Trick or Treat-ing as a child and don't like the fact that teenagers feel they can put on a mask, come to my house and expect sweets!

Last year hubby & I decided we would host a little gathering (fancy dress a must) to celebrate Halloween as there were a few friends we hadn't seen for a while and, well, it was just a good excuse. Everyone really enjoyed, and it saw the start of the 'Chilli-Off' between hubby and one of our friends, Mr M.

Anyway, here is a tiny selection of photos from this year's Halloween party.

Hubby's (rather happy) Pumpkin

My Vampire themed pumpkin

Yes - I event dressed up the bears! Bella (as Bella Swan), Edward (as a Mummy) & Sookie (as a Witch)

Matthew (my hubby) as Zombie Huw (long story)

Me - as The Evil Drinking Pixie (explanation below)
The Winning Charades Team

The Losing Charades Team

Ok - so - The Evil Drinking Pixie is a nickname I earned from friends of ours. I'm not going into details, but I thought it would be a good costume. I even made my own wings!

The charades was all horror movie related - and I'm sure we only lost because one of our team members kept giving points away....not that I'm bitter! We all took it well, but I was surprised at how the actions for ghoul, zombie, ghost, gremlin, demon all appeared to be the same. ;)

So Happy Halloween everyone! Hope you have a sppok-tacular time tonight, whatever you do!

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