Thursday, October 07, 2010

Bella Bunny, Edward, Marques the Monkey, Rose Mateus & Bailey Bear

On Saturday I am going to Build-a-Bear. I am so excited, but I thought I might share with you ny Build-a-Bear history to put the visit in some perspective.

When hubby & I got married in 2008 we bought our flower girl (hubby's neice) a Build-a-Bear to say thank you. She was 5. The bear was gorgeous in a very glittery cream & gold bridesmaid dress, and flower girl was really happy with it. But the whole buying experience was great, the staff in Cardiff were lovely, the shop is well laid out and there was SO MUCH CHOICE! It took ages to decide what to have. Anyway - I vowed that one day I would have my own bear.

One year later, for our first wedding anniversary, my wonderful hubby got me - yup - a Build-a-Bear, well, Bunny actually. She is named Bella (yes, after THAT vampire film) and has a fabulous 'New Moon' top.

Then my Dad turned 60 in the following August, and me, Mum & my sister happened to be in London. Covent Garden just before it and decided to pop into the Build-a-Bear shop for a nose. Here we brought Marques the Monkey (Marques after the wine). Another fab time. Although the shop was full (of very excited kids) they still spent the time with us going through the promise. (I haven't got a photo of Marques yet - but he looks a little bit like Terry Pratchett....)

Then came my best friend's hen weekend. Again, the three of us were in Covent Garden and decided on a Pink and Black bear to match the hen do theme - this time named Champagne.

In March this year, for Mother's Day, we opted to buy my mum a BABW, as she was a little jealous of  Dad having one and did like to dress him up to match the occasion - much to Dad's disgust. Here's Bailey Bear:

Then hubby had an operation on his knee, so as a Get Well gift he got a cat (that looks an awful lot like one of our kittens) that he very graciously named Edward as a companion for Bella. Yes, I know - but I love it! I do confess that Edward is not actually a fully-fledged B-a-B, but am American version of the same thing, bought online - because I wanted a cat. He was bought a crutch, had a bandage and BABW clothes. Here they are. (And no, I couldn't resist a little wolf Jacob.)

Then my sister had one for her birthday. Meet Rose Mateus:

I have noticed that the service is excellent, no matter which store I use or whether I order online. So, as I am sure you have probably gathered by now, I am very much looking forward to Saturday's day trip, with my mum. No doubt we'll spend a fortune & will have some very smartly dressed bears on our return!


learncreatedo said...

they are gorgeous. love edward and bella hehe. I always have to race past these shops when I have my daughter with me.

Rhian said...

Hi - thanks for stopping by & commenting.

My husband has to do the same with me! :)

Wait til you see the new addition to the family. She's fab too... post to come later. x