Monday, September 20, 2010

New bedroom & a walk-in wardrobe

Hello! It's been a while, I know - but I have been on holiday. I have been back nearly a week but we decided to start re-organising the house and I've been too shattered to even think about blogging. Plus there's so much to say....but I'm going to take it one post at a time and today is all about the changes we've made in the house.

We've been talking for a while about redecorating our bedroom (hubby got fed up of the purple ceiling) and sorting out storage (my excuse for not doing all the washing was that there wouldn't be anywhere to store our clothes even if it was all clean at the same time). So we did it!

We spent the holiday discussing our plans and got straight into it when we got back. Anyway, save me rambling on, here are some photos.

Walk-in Wardrobe
Yes, I still have plenty of clothes to add!! ;)



My dressing table

So there you have it. :)


Jet said...

I have a dressing room, it's much, much, much messier than this.

I really, really want a dressing table.

Jet, x

Rhian said...

Thanks - I love it too! So far it's actually managed to stay pretty tidy, but it's all very open - I'm sure when the curtain goes up that'll change.

Speak nicely to OH - hubby got mine sorted & earned serious brownie points for it. :)