Thursday, September 23, 2010

Lottie's Finishing School Catchup

For those of you following my progress on Lottie's Finishing School, you may notice that my last post was E is for Eyes and today Lottie has posted H!! There are a few challenges I am still working on, so thought it was time for a bit of a catch up & plan of attack. So this is where I am.

(BTW: I have linked the titles to Lottie's blog posts in case you want to read the whole thing)

A is for Attitude
Ok, the first challenge was to write about what makes you happy about yourself. A pretty tough challenge to start, but I did it.

B is for Bra
B, I kinda skipped out, but I promise I will go back to it before we get to Z!

C is for Clothes
This challenge is still going on in my house! The first part was to think about who's dress sense we admire, and generally sorting out the clothes I do wear to those I don't (or shouldn't)! Last week my fabulous hubby helped to convert our old study into a walk-in wardrobe, providing the ideal opportunity to fill it with all the clothes I love to wear - why would I want to clutter it with rubbish?? I am also making a list of wardrobe staples I need to get - a mac, some nice black boots - and replacements for anything too tatty. Definitely making progress though!

D is for Dream
This was kind of easy, as I've been thinking about it A LOT lately. Here's my dream.

E is for Eyes
I still haven't booked my eye test, but will do so tomorrow. I promise! Other parts of the challenge were to wear mascara - which I pretty much do every day anyway, so I added a little challenge for myself, to start wearing eye cream. Short of missing the odd day here and there, I have managed to stick to it, and it has also helped me stick to a whole beauty routine. Before I would use a 3-in-1 make-up and be happy, now I use make-up remover, toner & cleaner (2-in1), eye cream & moisturiser.

F is for Fitness
F was posted while I was on holiday - a lucky escape for me I think, because as it happens we were staying with my brother in law in Malta who lives about a 30 minute walk from St Julians. So what did we do every day? Walk into & around St Julians - admittedly to get lunch or a drink - but we still did well over 30 minutes of walking every day.

Before that I had taken up bouncing (or rebounding, for its more technical term) but have been a bt rubbish lately. Since returning from holiday we've been doing a lot of sorting out which has left me a bit short of time but has seen me running up and down the stairs a lot! So as of next week I plan to get my fitness back on track.

G is for Glamour
When I first read this challenge - to spend some time making yourself glamourous by spritzing perfume, painting your nails or wearing matching boots & bags - I had that day put on my purple boots & grabbed matching purple bag, and yes, it did make me feel a bit special.

I have also been making an effort to paint my nails (because it stops me biting them!) which does make me feel better, and have gone through a crazy amoutn of perfume lately. But, you know, it makes me feel good. Wearing a dress as part of Think Frock it's Friday also makes me feel a bit glam and gives me a bit of a reminder to put more effort in.

H is for Hair
I am a bit rubbish with my hair. I get bored pretty quickly and always think I'm a bit crap at styling it so generally I don't bother. I hadn't been to the hairdresser for about a year before this August, when I finally got myself sorted and decided to try somewhere new - Toni & Guy in Swansea. As I had 2 weddings I decided to stay fairly safe and stuck with a bob. 

Now I have no problem at all with trying new haircuts and colours - dare I say it I have even bleached my own hair (sorry Lottie) and there was a very bizzare 'sun-in' episode when my hair went yellow - I have died my hair various shades of blonde, brown, red and purple. I've had symmetrial hair, asymmetrial hair, long hair, short hair - you name it! And again I have decided its time for a change. So just before Lottie posted us this challenge I had recieved a (very clever marketing) text from Toni & Guy reminding me it's been so many weeks and offering 20% discount if I booked today - so I did! And I intend to go for something a little different. Appointment is 2nd October - so watch this space & I'll try to remember to take a before & after shot for you.

Ok - well, I think that's pretty much got me up to speed on the workshop for now! Just a few things to plan in, but getting there. :)  Again I'd like to say thank you to Lottie as it has definitely helped me make more of an effort in what I wear, how I look after my skin and has given some little tips on how to add a bit of magic (glamour) into my day.


Miss N said...

great summary post, I am still amazed we are up to h!

Nikki x

Red-haired hiker said...

Well done you for keeping up to date! Lovely summary as well.

Rhian said...

Thanks both. I can't believe we're on H either!

Which reminds me....really need to book my eye test! :)

b4kersgirl said...

Well done! We definitely need some before and after shots!