Friday, September 24, 2010

How am I doing?

I thought it was time for a 101 Things in 1001 Days update - mainly to refresh my memory & get me back on track.

Quick Stats
Not Started: 70
In Progress: 30
Completed: 1

Here's some info on those marked 'In Progress'

2. Attend a show with my cakes
Nothing new to report here!

4. Start & stick to a beauty blog
This is actually going ok, and I'm enjoying it! Just need to sit down and plan out some regular posts as holiday has thrown me a little bit. 

5. Write a business plan for my cakes
It's a bit more of a marketing plan at the moment, but will develop. At least it's started!

6. Make my cake business profitable
See above!

7. Sort out a walk-in wardrobe
This is very nearly done! I blogged about it last week, all that's left is to put up a few hooks and move in all my clothes & shoes to check there's enough space. :D

11. Sort out attic
As part of 'The Big Sort Out' that included the walk-in wardrobe, step 1 was to start clearing the attic. Still a little bit to do, but nearly done.

16. Sort all photos into albums 
I did start this, but it's on hold for a minute as all my albums and my PC with photos on have been stored until the study is ready.

17. Design & knit own patterns
I have started doodling some designs & have a sketchbook. I am actually hoping to knit some as Christmas presents. Not telling you exactly what yet though...

18. Set up a bespoke Christmas cake service
Part of the marketing plan, mentioned above.

20. Finish Lottie's Finishing School 
I blogged my progress on this so far yesterday. Again, I am enjoying this, although do have a bit of catch up to do!

23. Develop own cupcake recipe
Have started thinking of ideas for Christmas time - so maybe!!

26. Stick to a beauty.skincare routine
I'm not doing too badly at this. I am pretty good at taking my make up off & moisturising at night. Although I do miss the odd one I try not to let it bother me & make sure I do it the next night/morning.

27. Organise all crafty/knitting/sewing stuff 
Again as part of 'The Big Sort Out' this is in progress.

31. Read 52 books in 52 weeks
Thanks to holiday I have so far managed to read 8 books in nearly 7 weeks. So far - on track.
  • 01/09/2010: Play Dead, Richard Montanari
  • 01/09/2010: Pirate Latitude, Michael Crichton
  • 07/09/2010: The Husehold Guide to Dying, Debra Adelaide
  • 10/09/2010: Home Truths, Freya North
  • 11/09/2010: Glass House, Rachel Caine
  • 12/09/2010: Dead Girls Dance, Rachel Caine
  • 15/09/2010: The Shakespeare Curse, J L Carrell
  • 23/09/2010: Bones to Ashes, Katy Reichs
 33. Pass my Professional Diploma in Marketing
Unfortunately I failed my last exam, so need to plan to take this again.

37. Try a new meal every week
Well we are 6 weeks in and I think I have tried 4 brand new recipes. Will rack my memory to see if any more come to light! Plus I need to write posts for the missing ones.
  1.  Basque Chicken Casserole
  2. Turkey Meatloaf
  3. Courgette Lasagne
  4. Red Wine Risotto
38. Cook every recipe in one book
I have chosen 'Rachel Allen's Home Cooking', so I'll run through it soon and tick off what I've so far made.

48. Convince another person to make a 101 list
A few have started it, but so far don't have confirmation they've finished! :(

59. Try a new beauty/make-up/skincare product every month
August's products were the BettyHula samples I recieved & reviewed. I have 1 week to find something to try in September...

63. Clear debts
I have paid off my outstanding balance on an online clothes magazine site & have plans in place for the rest of it. Me & hubby have devised a 5 year plan to sort ourselves & finances out, so quite excited about it at the moment.

65. Read 26 books written by an author of every letter of the alphabet
9 out of 26 covered.

71. Save all 20p for 1001 days

Will update again soon!

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