Wednesday, August 04, 2010

E is for Eyes

The next challenge in Lottie's Finishing School has 2 parts:
1) Go for an eye test
2) Wear mascara every day for a week

The timing for this couldn't be more perfect! I recently had a letter telling me that I am due for an eye test, and as I don't need glasses and haven't noticed any changes - I ignored the letter. But I will now book a test, just to make sure! :)

I enjoy wearing make up but tend to be a bit lazy with it. I know it makes me feel better when I have it on, but if I am running short of time in the morning I will ignore it.... however last weekend I was away on a hen do and my sister-in-law decided that she would do my make up for the weekend. I had so many compliments, as it was a lot more than I would normally wear, which did make me wonder what I usually look like! So this week I made a promise to myself that I would make sure I put at least a smudge of eyeshadow and mascara on before I leave the house so that when I go for a night out I would be happy to wear a little more. Spooky, eh?!

One thing I don't do is put on eye cream - mainly because I don't like to think I am old enough to worry about these things, but I guess that at 28 it wouldn't hurt. :)  So my challenge (as long as Lottie doesn't mind) is to start making sure I moisturise or put on eye cream each day. Just for the record, my current (new) daily routine goes something like this:

> Moisturise (when I remember/can be bothered/have time)
> Foundation (sometimes, if I have a meeting or lunch or similar to go to)
> Blusher/Bronzer (for a little bit of glow)
> Light sweep of eyeshadow (a bit more if I know I'm wearing foundation)
> Eyeliner (if I'm feeling a bit daring!)
> Mascara
> Lipstick/Gloss/Vaseline (again depending on mood & events of the day)

I don't wear the same thing every day and I think it's nice to change every now and then. I tend to match eyeshadow with what I am wearing and stick to either a brown or grey, sometimes I'll add a bit of colour to match jewellery.

I spent a year as an Avon representative and have quite a large make up collection (gave up because I was spending more than I was earning!) so I think it's time I started using it and experimenting a little. I did have a go at 'smokey eyes' last Friday, having found a little tutorial online, and was really pleased with the results which hopefully means I'll do a bit more experimenting!

I am still working on my B & C challenges and will hopefully have an update to post soon!


Lottie said...

Hope the eye test goes well. Let us know how you get on with your daily make up challenge. I can't believe you have so much make up yet you don't wear it!!

Do moisturise every day. Once you hit 30 you will really notice and it will make all the difference if you start now - trust me on that one! xx

Red-haired hiker said...

I'm a little bit younger than you and I've been using eyecream for a couple of years, because I could see the crowsfeet forming. It's not enough on its own, I also need to drink enough, but the combination has made a noticeable difference.

Rhian said...

Hi Red-haired hiker, thanks for reading!

I've been a bit lazy lately with the eye cream - but determined to get back onto it! Plus I have been making an effort to drink more - I assume you mean water rather than wine? ;) - and I've also noticed a difference in my skin. Just need to stay on top of it... x