Thursday, August 12, 2010

101 Things Update - Day 2

I don't plan to keep daily updates, but a few things have happened since yesterday that I felt were noteworthy, so here you go.

#15 Visit Folly Farm
Folly Farm is an adventure park and zoo (but I won't use it towwards goal number 92 as well!) that I have been wanting to go to for ages. So Math and I have decided to take Monday off, make a picnic and go! Very excited, and I plan to take a lot of photos - just please, don't rain!

#38 Cook every meal in a recipe book
I have said this before and think I'll stick with the same book. So I will be working my way through Rachel Allen's  Home Cooking I'll get some details on number of recipes etc and write a post on it.

#48 Convince another person to make a 101 list
I am trying to get Matthew to write a list, but so far no luck. However I think I may have convinced 2 people on Twitter to give it a go. Yay!

#71 Save all 20p coins for 1001 days
I now have a little tin next to be bed so far 20p. Yup. That's all I could find! But it's a start.

#73 Guest post on someone else's blog
After posting on Twitter, the fabulous @LottieLoves1 has offered me a chance to guest post on her blog - She's a proper blogger and everything, so I'll have to come up with something sensible to say. I am very flattered!

#77 Save £1001
This constitues another little container - this time an old coffee jar - in which I currently have some change (definitely over £2) and will run alonsgide the 20p collection. So by the end of it, I should have loads of money! :)

#98 Try 1001 different drinks
I just wanted to clarify this a little bit really. This can (and will) include tea, coffee, soft drinks and alcoholic drinks. Interesting ones. So while I have had plenty of coffee & water over the last few days I will wait for an interesting picture/glass/container before I post it. I have also set up a page for my 1001 drinks.

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