Wednesday, August 11, 2010

101 Things Update - Day 1

I know it's a little bit naughty, but I think it's a positive step to start a list with items you've completed or started. It gives you a bit of a boost. Now I haven't completed any of my 101 things, but I have started one or two. So here's a little progress report.

#4 Start & stick to a beauty blog
I am not one to particularly follow fashion or any kind of beauty routine, but I have recently been following a Finishing School by Lottie to make us fabulous and this has lead me to start my 'lifestyle' blog. So far I have been managing to keep it up to date and am enjoying it so - progress!

#7 Sort out a walk-in wardrobe
This is something we should have done when we gutted the house originally, but I am determined to do it. At the moment it is in planning and sorting stages as I need to rearrange all the rooms around upstairs to sort out storage. Exciting times though!

#26 Stick to a beauty/skincare routine
I have blogged about this on my new blog, and while the routine is still new and I so far sticking to it.

#31 Read 52 books in 52 weeks
I have been trying this for the last 2 years. It has always startsed on 1st September, and so far I haven't managed it, but as it's nearly time to start again I thought I'd add it anyway - with a new start date as I started a new book last night (and only read the prologue) so I'm starting now!
Book 1: Play Dead, by Richard Montanari.

#98 Try 1001 different drinks
Yup - start as I mean to go on!
Drink 1: Budweiser Brew No. 66

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