Monday, July 05, 2010

C is for Clothes...

I am skipping 'B is for Bra' for the time being until I can get myself an appointment. I have been for a bra fitting within the last year but I completely disagreed with the verdict. I was wearing 32A bras and was told I should be a 30C, but the bras were not comfortable at all. I will go again. Sometime. :)

Anyway, I have been planning to sort out my clothes for a while and Lottie's post has come at just the right time. So this evening I have started sorting out my clothes. Getting rid of clothes I haven't worn for a while or am never quite sure about wearing. I have started separating Summer & Winter clothes so that my wardrobe is a little clearer and it'll feel like a whole new wardrobe every season!

Another part of the task is:

"Sit down and think about whose dress sense you admire and why you admire it.  Do you like matchy matchy, do you like retro? Do you think someone looks good when they wear statement jewellery?  Is there a type of dress you like?  Think about it and write it down if it helps.  What sort of image would you like to have? Are you a Christina Aguilera in the making or a Victoria Beckham or a Helena Bonham Carter? It doesn’t matter what image you choose as long as you are comfortable with it, it makes you feel great and you are committed to carrying it through.  I am not talking about copying someone, you merely need to have an idea of how you would like to look on a day to day basis."

So. I do like to match. I am more comfortable matching colours than trying to be a bit more...eclectic. :) I like to wear jewellery - lots of bangles and statment-ish jewellery. I like wearing skirts & dresses, and tend to wear a lot of black/grey, so I need to inject some colour into my wardrobe.

As far as people are some photos:

Glee's Emma Pillsbury

Kate Moss

Ashley Greene
Image borrowed from:

Kylie Minogue

This is just a quick look, and I wil spend more time defining my 'style' but I do know it varies depending on mood and where I am going. It's a start though and I am looking forward to my new wardrobe! :)


lottie said...

I love that you have thought about that. I love all of those ladies and their style. Especially Emma Pilsbury!

Colour is definitely a good thing, it can really help lift your mood. I used to wear black all the time and now I wear a lot of red. My husband can't get over the difference :-)

Keep going hun - get that bra fitting done!
Lottie -x-

Rhian said...

Thanks Lottie. Definitely need to add more colour, and looking at my wardrobe I seem to have plenty there - just tend to navigate towards to the black/grey stuff all the time. :)