Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A is for Attitude...

Lottie's first challenge is to think about 'what makes you happy about yourself?'

So. Here goes.

  • I like that I am small-built & only 5 foot tall. It means that I am naturally small and get away with eating what I want, plus I can wear kids clothes, and when I DO make the effort, I think I look pretty ok. 
  • I like that I have recently got off my arse and started a part time cake making business. It's still early days but I am usually a bit of worrier & dreamer, so this is the start of something new for me.
  • I like that I am doing well in my full time job too, and am proud when I get complimented on my work.
  • I like that I am generally socialable and friendly, I now have a large group of friends who I spend time with and get on with.
  • I like that my husband and I started raising money for the local rugby club and am pleased that we have raised over £22,000 in just over 3 years.
And there you have it. Some things I like about myself. Maybe I am ok after all. ;) 


Sippies71 said...

yay for great attitudes! thanks for sharing...this is a fabulous idea. I've joined up too.

Lottie said...

I think you sound fabulous! £22k is an AMAZING achievement. As a fundraiser myself (voluntarily now but in my professional life paid) I know what a huge thing this is. You should both be very proud!

Rhian said...

Thanks Lottie. It's strange looking back at it and seeing how well we've done, especially as it's all been little events that have mounted up.