Monday, May 17, 2010

minirhi bakes, challenges & bento

Just a quick update on everything I haven't blogged about recently!

minirhi bakes!
I have registered my kitchen with the Environmental Health people and am due to open for business on 1st June. I have scrubbed my kitchen and am in the process of sorting everything out, getting rid of the clutter and getting everything in place for a kitchen fit for baking. I am going to meet my uncle (accountant) this week to find out where else I need to register and what records I need to keep and have to work through my 'Safer Food, Better Business' pack. Exciting times!

I have set up a new blog (yes, another one) where I will blog all progress, I have a Facebook page with 26 fans, I am tweeting as @minirhi and have a flickr photostream - so choose your favourite method of staying in touch and come and say Hi. :)

Fitness & Scaredy Cat Challenge
I've been a bit rubbish as the kitchen has taken over my spare time at the moment. But I have set up my mini trampoline and will be using it from tomorrow. I have made very little progress on the Scaredy Cat Challenge and will be starting again on the weekend. Very little to report!

I discovered Bento via @BentoBoxUk on Twitter. There's a good description on Wikipedia but essentially it's a meal that has been prepared to look pretty. Search for bento on flickr and you'll find loads of images. Anyway, tonight I had a go myself. I call it 'Tea & Cake'.

 Ingredients are mixed leaf salad with tomatoes and olives, potato salad, cous cous with bread beans, peas and pepper, chicken slices (cut into teapot shape with cookie cutter), mini bowl of caramelised onion hummous and carrot sticks. Really looking forward to digging in tomorrow.

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