Sunday, May 02, 2010

Cakes, Baking & Balls

On Friday I spoke to a lovely lady at Swansea Council Environment Department about registering my kitchen. She was very helpful & apparently I can register and bake from my kitchen as long as the cats aren't in there while I'm baking & all services are disinfected before I begin.


So the plan now is to sort out my kitchen, maybe paint a little bit. Sort out storage & whatever else I need to bake & run proper kitchen. Very excited!  And I promise to blog about my progress and provide links to help anyone else along the way.

This weekend has been pretty busy. I have made a birthday cake for my 7 year old neice & a cupcake tower for my 13 year old nephew. Plus I attempted cake balls, which looked ok, but didn't taste great! :( Not enough buttercream I think. Here they are:

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