Thursday, April 08, 2010

Time to FLY: Day One

We've had a busy few months and this has meant that housework has been a bit of an afterthought! So I have decided its time to get on top of it all (Yes, I know you've all heard my plans before...but I mean it this time!) :)

I have found this website: and plan to work my way through so I can have a lovely house and still have my weekends for time to play rather than clean. Anyone with me?

So, in an attempt to get myself sorted today is DAY ONE! The lesson is 'Go Shine Your Sink' - which will have to wait til later. Am also feeling a quite motivated this morning as I planned to get up by 6:30am and was out of bed by 6:40, ready for work by 7:10 and in work by 7:30am. Feeling pretty good actually. (Apologies for all the boring details, but I need to write it down somewhere.)

I have also managed to find the materials needed to create my Control Journal - pretty serious stuff, I know, but if it works I really don't care! :)

Best get on with some work now - will tell you all about my shiny sink later. And will post a photo of the cake I made for Tobi's first birthday. Have a good day all!

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