Monday, April 19, 2010

New House

With DH due to have his knee op next week, we have decided to get the house tidied up, so on the weekend we painted our living room. This has meant decluttering and making it beautiful - and I love it!! Just so long as I can keep it that way. We've ordered a new sofa (due in about 7 weeks!) in black & grey, so have painted to match. It didn't take anywhere near as long as we thought and it's made such a difference.

Also trying to stay on top of the FlyLady routines and creating habits. It tends to be the weekend that throws me, although we had a small dinner party yesterday and the house is back to normal now, it would usually take a bit longer than this. :) Ah well, trying not to let it get to me and just catch up when I fall behind. Onwards and upwards...

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