Saturday, February 06, 2010

The 6 Nations & a very, very long scarf!

Today is the start of the 6 Nations. I will be supporting Wales.

Over the last few weeks Louise, from Jamie and Louise on BBC Radio Wales, has been working on knitting the longest scarf in Wales in support of the Welsh rugy team and asking knitters across Wales to help. So this is me working on my 4 foot 6 section of scarf:

At last count the scarf measured 2,575 foot. See this tweet.

That's a lot of scarf!

I do enjoy a game of rugby, but if I'm honest I struggle to watch 3 in a weekend. Unless I have my knitting to hand. Very much hoping I can get all my planned knitting done. Unfortunately most of them are gifts, so I can't really say much about them yet.

Only one thing left to say, I guess..... COME ON, WALES!

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