Saturday, January 30, 2010


A little off topic maybe, but I am curious as to the whole Vampire craze. I am not much of a fantasy person (DH loves reading fantasy books - The Wheel of Time, Dark Tower Series etc) but I do enjoy a good Vampire story. Let's face it, they're always pretty sexy, dark and brooding, and, of all the underworld creatures, I think the most believeable.

I love the Blade Films, but somehow the whole True Blood & Twilight seems to have completely passed me by! So when all the hype about the New Moon film started, I decided to go and buy the Twilight books - Twilight, New Moon & Eclipseand the Twilight DVD. I have started Twilight - and I can't put it down! 3 nights in and I'm one third of the way into the book. If only I didn't have to go to work, or clean the house, or...

Vampire Diaries starts on Tuesday on ITV2, and it does (so far) sound fairly similar to the Twilight storyline. But I will be tuning in, determined not to miss out on this.

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