Tuesday, July 07, 2009


I have decided to stop wasting time planning and thinking and complaining I'm not making stuff and to just get on and DO IT!! I spend so long looking at other people's work and wishing I was spending more time being crafty, then getting annoyed because I'm not doing it. So I just wanted to get down in writing that as from TODAY I am going to start making stuff and I am going to try selling stuff.

Quick plan:
1. Pick up my beads & crafty stuff from my mum's house.
2. Make chrsitmas decorations so I have plenty of stock to sell later in the year.
3. Felt my cassette bag so I can see if the pattern actually works!
4. Make corsages.
5. Set up a floksy shop and let's just see what happens!!

Ah - I feel better already!

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