Monday, June 22, 2009

Where did June go?

Wow - over halfway through June already! Work is crazy busy and for the last week we've had my brother-in-law and girlfriend staying so have been out and about showing them the Gower, going for food and generally entertaining. It's been fab, but has meant no time for knitting.

Anyway, I am on early starts this week at work so looking forward to getting some crafting done. Current Knitting WIPs include:

1. Skull lace pattern sample
2. Tobi's Blanket
3. Baby Wrap Cardigan
4. Bobbi Felted Bag

Plus I have loads I want to do. Determined to get at least one project finished for June. And sort out my websites. And make something of my own design. And practice cake decorating. Which reminds me...I must post the final cake from my sugarcraft course. When I find the photos.

Off to knit now. More later!

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