Tuesday, April 07, 2009

9 Reasons to Knit

1. Because it's cool! Yup, knitting has become more popular over the last few years along with the resurgence in craftiness and home baking. It's no longer just something your nan does, but a bone fide hobby.

2. Because it's relaxing.
I spend most of my day in front of the computer (and most evenings too, really) and watching TV doesn't always help you relax. Knitting is one way to get your mind totally off the crap that has gone on at work, and a lack of flickering images give your eyes a rest.

3. Because it's sociable.
Knittng is one of those hobbies that can be done with a group of friends, hence the build up of Stitch N Bitch groups, as you can still talk and knit.

4. Because you'll always learn something new
. There are so many things that can be done with some yarn and a pair of needles, so whether you find a new stitch pattern, a new way to cast on, using double pointed needles, felting, different yarn...you'll never stop learning.

5. Because you'll find new friends. Whether by joining a knitting group, at your local yarn shop or on the internet. I have recently starting chatting via Ravelry with my felted purse swap partner in the USA.

6. Because everything you make will be unique - guaranteed! No matter whether it's for you or a friend - the yarn you choose, the pattern, your own knitting gauge, a missed stitch here and there, every garment, accessory or toy you make will be totally and utterly one of a kind.

7. Because it can be cheaper. While nowadays knitting is done more for pleasure than for making cheap clothes, it is still possible! Besides how much would you really have to pay for a totally one of a kind scarf or corsage?

8. Because the Internet makes the whole world your local yarn shop. Finding the perfect yarn for your ideal knit has become easier as yarn can now be shipped all over the world.

9. Because there are so many gorgeous patterns. We are spoilt for choice with patterns, whether free, downloadbale or in a book, there is guaranteed to be something you'd want to knit.

Why do you knit? Feel free to leave your comments for a 10th reason, it would be great to hear why others knit too.


wildesheep said...

Saw you were the only other knit blogger that had posted their comment on the 31DBBB today so I thought I'd pay you a visit! My reason 10 to knit would be because of its connection to the past- it is refreshing to have something to share with older generations...

Mountain Mama said...

My husband ignored my knitting expenses once he realized it keeps me quiet during football. Not really, but it's how I promote knitting to some of my friends.

Also, nice yarn helps to keep your hands out of the chips. Wouldn't want all that grease on your project. :)