Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Time for a change

Good morning. It's 7:30am, and usually I would stay in bed until I absolutley HAVE to get up. Today I have already made a cup of coffee and emptied the tumble dryer, folded clothes and put a load in the washing machine.

The aim is to get up a 6am every morning (yup, even weekends) so that I have time to write blog posts and concentrate on my knitting. I uploaded some photos to Facebook yesterday and had some really nice comments, so I would really like to do something with it. Plus I want to set up Clic-a-Clec propoerly.

The panic at the moment is so that I can complete my e-marketing course as my assignment needs to be dine in 6 weeks and I have finished the course materials yet. So, best get on.... you will definitely hear more from me soon. And I have signed up to ProBlogger's '31 Days to a Better Blog' challenge, so there'll be plenty coming. Have a great day all.

(Have also decided to add an image to all future blog posts, an excuse to take more photos, so please excuse the random pic today!)

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