Saturday, February 07, 2009

Knitting Patterns - Just do it!

This is just a little word of advice really. I am really crap at deciding what I want to knit. I even have a degree in graphic design and do web design for a living, and still I can't sit down and design something I want to knit. I think the big difference is not having a brief. Not having a specific problem to solve, so at the moment I am spending my time knitting patterns from books and magazines to improve my techniques, see how things are made, trying stitch patterns and different yarns for texture and finish.

I guess what I want to say is that knitting is only ever made up of two stitches really. Sometimes there's a little bit more to it, but generally if you've mastered the knit and purl you can follow any pattern. I know this won't work for many people, and I have to say I don't consider myself an advanced knitter, but I am pretty determined.

I don't read through a pattern before I start. I look at the end product and if I like it, I'll find the yarn and needles and cast on. Then knit row 1 (which is more often than not either a knit row, purl row or maybe k a few-p a few rib), then row 2 and so one. If I come across an abbreviation i don't understand I look it up. if I come across a techique I haven't done before I look through my books, or (my new favourite way) look for a video online. There are so many wonderful, kind people who have taken the time out to video themselves doing a aprticular technique and putting it online. If it looks really tough I'll find some scrap yarn and do a little practice. But by the time you have finished the knitting you have learnt something new.

I have quite often been put off knitting something because the pattern looks complicated or fiddly, and that quite often meant I wouldn't knit anything from one month to the next. With my new....knitting philosophy I now tend to start a new project as I am coming to the end of one just so there's no gap. I enjoy it and it definitely works for me. I'm hear to say (if Nike don't mind me borrowing their strap line for a minute) JUST DO IT!

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