Monday, December 15, 2008

Organised? Me?

I was just going back through this blog to find out when I started 'seriously blogging' this year. It was August when I decided I would set up a little studio...ummm. No.

I still have no studio, I still have my crap strewn throughout the house (just ask hubby) but I have kept up my blog and I have done more crafty stuff. I am now on cross stitch. Unfortunately I can't blog about it much because it's all for Christmas presents, but come back in the new year and I'll post all I have done.

I am looking forward to Christmas! Hoping to pop out after work tonight to pick up the final bits and pieces...or at least the major final bits. Wrapping paper, cards, etc. Anything else will just be added extras. I hope.

Few other updates -
My yarn STILL hasn't come from Angel Yarns. I ordered in in SEPTEMBER and I had an email on 28th November to say they were waiting for delivery.

My shop still isn't finished - maybe for next Christmas....

I haven't done anywhere near as much knitting for Bobath as I wanted. :( Can't believe the time has gone so fast.

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