Thursday, October 02, 2008

Learning the Techniques

I have taken a bit of a step back (until the yarn arrives for my jumper) and am going back to "basics" and learning some techniques to find out how to create patterns and textures. So here are a few of my swatches from last night.

Knitting with beads. I consulted a few websites and books and produced a mini swatch.

A mini cable swatch, trying to get to grips with how and why the cables go the way they do. I don't think I was any more informed when I finished. Will need to do more experiementing.

A stitch pattern called 'The tree of life' from a knitting sticthes book my mum used to use. Reminds me of a Christmas Tree.... Looking at how purl and knit stitches can make a subtle pattern.

Another stitch pattern, called Inverted Hearts (although here it is upside down). Looking at how to make lace patterns and holes in my work.

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