Friday, October 31, 2008

Knit for Bobath

Knitting has been a bit on the slow side lately, what with having to look after Hobbes etc, but have been spurred into action today, with an email from Bobath. Children's Therapy Centre Wales.

Bobath helps Children in Wales with Cerebral Palsy via a number of therapy treatments, including physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech and language therapy, and the email I recieved today asks that we "Join the Flock. Knit for Bobath!" So that is what I shall do.

There are Christmas patterns available on their website for you to knit and sell to your friends, or you can donate them to the centre and they will send them for you.

So I am going to have a go on the weekend and see how many I cam make....anyone fancy a challenge? Ready. Set. GO!!!!

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