Thursday, October 16, 2008

Busy times

I can't believe it's been so long since I posted! The thing is I have been very busy - and not in a good way. I have to start a new web company (long story, maybe I'll tell it one day!), my cat has broken his leg and has had to have it pinned, and I have been trying to get my online shop set up. It's very close, just a few final tweaks. Hoping to get it ready for Christmas.

I have started my Christmas knitting, will post details after Christmas just in case. And I am still waiting for my Baby Alpaca Yarn from Angel Yarns so I can start Camden. I am getting a little annoyed - the service is usually great, and I ordered at the end of September. I wanted to get the jumper done before Christmas. :(

We're not sure what happened with Hobbes (kitten) he just came in one day limping, with his leg at a funny angle, and now needs a minimum of 7 weeks cage rest, could be up to 12 weeks. He's currently in a rabbit run in the kitchen so he has room to spread out and all his ameneties, but he has to wear a collar to stop from licking his stitches and cries all the time. Poor bugger. I feel so sorry for him, but it's for the best. We do get him out when we can and take the collar off, but he's very fast and doesn't understand that he's not allowed to jump!

So busy, busy....

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