Friday, September 12, 2008

My very first designed knitted piece

I have designed and knitted my own corsage! Having looked at current fashions, I have noticed a lot of bows and wanted to knit an alternative to flowers. So took this as an opportunity to design my own knit. I know bows aren't the most complex to knit. They are after all made of one long strip of fabric. But I decided I wanted pointed edges and chose moss stitch so the fabric is the same on both sides and doesn't curl like stocking stitch does. So I planned the increasing and decreasing - in moss stitch and have finished my very own design!

However, it is a little on the large site, it is about 9cm tall. The middle bit is a strip of garter stitch to hold it together.

So I went for something a little smaller in garter stitch. This one is about 4cm top to bottom. The middle is tied together with some leftver yarn.

A small victory, I know, but still something I am quite proud of. It does make me realise that I can design and knit an object. It's getting the inspiration I struggle with. Baby steps...

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