Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Designing & Planning

I am in work early all week, so have plenty of time in the evenings to do some knitting. Last night I started designing my Phone Cozie based on some doodles I have done.

Following my doodles I drew out a pattern on graph paper I made myself. It is not made up of squares as more often than not knitting stitches are not square, but rectagular. This way you should get a better image when knitted.

To test the pattern I got some standard double knit yarn I had lying round the house and 4mm needles and knit myself a sample. I am not great at fair isle knitting, it all gets a bit tight, but as I plan to felt the final piece and it doesn't need to be particularly stretchy, I know I can get away with it!

It actually worked better than I thought and while i know I need to make a few adjustments to the pattern - make the dots more round, tidy up the smaller flowers a little bit, move the big flower over a bit.... I was quite happy with it. I have started my felting swatch with Wool yarn from Knitting4Fun and hope to finish this off tonight. I can then felt this swatch and check guage, sizes and how the pattern turns out - maybe the dots will round themselves out in the wash!

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