Thursday, August 28, 2008

I am currently in the process of traveling through the social media world in another project ( and when Stumbling through the web (using I came across a website about food, drink and some stunning photos. made me want to get straight into the kitchen and make something wonderful. I have been on early starts all this week (in by 7:15am) and was planning to do lots of cooking and baking after work as I've been finishing at 4pm. However housework and knitting and cookign for dinner has had a higher priority. Hopefully I'll spend sometime maybe tonight or tomorrow in the kitchen and will have something to submit to tastespotting soon...

(My wrist warmers are about 6 inches long now! Will need to do some serious knitting to get them done this I want to knit a corsage for my friends birthday...there goes my cooking time again!)

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