Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Post of Firsts

Yesterday I managed to take a few photos of my most recent knitting and sewing firsts.

1. My first Aplique

This is actually the front of a needle case I made to test the sewing machine I borrowed from my mum. There are a few issues, as my Dad likes to say "Measure twice, cut once" which I need to work on, but generally am pretty happy with it.

2. First time knitting with Wire

Trickier than I thought, but in time i reckon I can get it tidier and have some plans for wire, bottle tops and beads.....

3. First Proper Sock Knitting

I have knit one sock before (didn't even manage a pair!) on straight needles that ended up about 3 times the size it should have been. I found this yarn and free pattern and got the right size needles free with Let's Knit magazine so figured it was fate! Will see how we get on.

4. First Time seeing Pixie in my Yarn Basket

I don't know how long she's been sneaking off for a quiet moment in amongst my yarn, but she looked so comfortable...and at least the kitten couldn't find her in there!

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