Monday, December 03, 2007

Wardrobe Refashion 2007

I found out about Wardrobe Refashion in a knitting magazine and as I have to save for the wedding though it would be an ideal opportunity to finish off all my WIPs, and sort out my wardrobe and finally have a go at the Built by Wendy sewing book and patterns I bought months ago! I will try and keep an accurate record of everything i refashion, make, knit and wear.

My first outfit was a Batgirl outfit for a fancy dress party on Saturday. And considering I haven't sewn for years I was quite impressed. It wasn't out of this world - but it did it's job and cost very little! Genius.

I am currently in the middle of Christmas gift knitting - so can't see that I'll do much refashioning before Christmas but I do have a few days hoiday I can take from work, and have a dress I want to adjust for my work's Christmas we shall see!!!

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