Wednesday, April 25, 2007


My attempts at crochet. The orange rectangle was my first attempt and it went from there. It is quite different from knitting and I'm not entirely sure how to hold the yarn properly...but it's nice for a change.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Start again!

I have worked out how to transfer my posts so here they are!

I decided to have a go at crochet last night. I have just finished a doll for my sister's 21st and have a sleeve left on my pink top (I will finish it, but it needs concentration and work is crazy at the moment! I need no-thinking-knitting.) So as my second attempt at crochet I managed 2 granny squares - 1 that looks pass-able; 1 that's all wonky and I have no idea why, and a flower.

I was pretty impressed with myself!

for beginners

Starting to knit can be quite daunting. There is so much to learn and the thought of starting a project like a jumper can be a bit overwhelming (unless it's just me!) which is why i ended up with a whole lot of scarves. But when you get bored of scarevs, knit wrist-warmers or wrist bands. It's a great little project - faster than scarves, and led into my first designed project.

Firstly following the 'Geek' wristband from 'Stitch n Bitch Nation' by Debbie Stoller.

This led to my 'Boy & Girl' design - in several colours, and on different needle sizes.

And the wonderfully simple - stripes!

They need very little yarn and took me about 3 hours from cast on to bind off - and a cup of tea in the middle! [All wristbands are done in Rowan Cotton Glace on 2mm or 3mm needles. I just knit until i can wrap it around the wrist it is meant to fit, bind off then matress stitch together.]

The first stitch

The first thing I ever knit (knitted? Knat?) was...suprise, suprise...a scarf! It was a very long scarf...about 11 foot. I'm only 5ft tall, so I could wrap it round my neck twice and still have both ends practically touching the floor.

As a first project scarves are definately the way forward, and i have made several scarves! Most of which I wear, some have been experimental exercises. I am a big fan of the shorter scarves that can be worn like a tie. They are more wearable and faster to knit! Add buttons or use fancy yarn to get a scarf for every outfit.

In a more experimental fashion, scarves are great for trying out new stitches or patterns, colour changing and other techniques. Although, i have to admit i don't wear this one so much. I do recommend trying it as a 'freestyle' exercise.