Saturday, April 15, 2006

CSS Design

I am trying to do some web design for my mates in my spare time. One reason is to build up my design portfolio, the other to get better at CSS and HTML design. The great thing is that they have let me have a totally free reign, design-wise, so i can do pretty much whatever i want...the bad thing about this is that i have started many sites and not finished them because i don't like them or get bored of the design. Or i have just left it so long between working on them that i have forgotten what i intended.

Anyway, i wanted to sort out a list of references for CSS design, so the sites i have been referring to are: - a fantastic range of what css can do and a fabulous inpiration site. - a great basic guide to tags in both html and css - interesting articles and stuff

um...i will add more when i find them again!

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