Thursday, March 16, 2006

To eBay or not to eBay...

So what is it about eBay that is ultimately addictive?

It has everything you could ever want to 100 different colours, 12 different sizes and 3 different styles! I must spend an hour at the least on eBay everyday, determined not to miss out on a bargin, or finding out what sells so that I, too, can make money. The problem being that i spend more than i make. Productive? No!

Every now and then i think 'There must be something that isn't or hasn't already been sold on eBay!' and i have come to the conclusion that no, there isn't. Carrier bags are being sold. Why?! Who buys them? Never-the-less i log on to find out if my watched items are closer to finishing and praying that nobody has bid on the random item that i absolutley, definately MUST have. However, with all the complaint, nothing beats the exhilarating last 60 seconds when the F5 key gets pounded every 3 seconds to make sure that either you are winning the item to complete your life or to ensure there's a fight over the item you are selling...God, i'm getting excited as i type about it!

(I must confess that even as i write this, i have a window open with eBay on the go, poised to place my bid on a shirt that will probably not suit me or fit me, and will end up back on eBay this time next week!)

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