Sunday, March 19, 2006

Sunday Evening

What is it about Sunday evenings? I used to hate them when i was in school, the rush to get homework done for monday morning, getting my uniform ready, watching rubbish TV and eating a ridiculous amount of food.

Not that a great deal has changed now...but there isn't the same sense of forboding. For one thing, there's no homework and there's no uniform. And sunday evening's tend to result in a few drinks in my local pub or a glass of wine with a friend.

I also spend most of Sunday on the internet, and while this professes to be a design related blog, i thought i'd slip some design related stuff here are some websites: This is my mate's website, we were at uni together and loved together. Her work is fab and she is one of the hardest workers i know. I recently bought collars for my cats from this site. I think this site is great, it's simple and looks good. It is focused on one product and does it well.

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