Monday, October 02, 2006

Antigua, here i come!

I'm sure you'll be pleased to know i finished my jumper. I will post a photo soon...I am now knitting a bag with size 10 needles and lush, chunky yarn. I'd like to say I'll post a photo, but you know what I'm like.

I started to learn welsh 2 weeks ago. I have been to one lesson, where the tutor let us go early because he had been ill informed and was on a course last week. I am really looking forward to getting stuck into it least until I go to Antugua on holiday. I am also keen to get some projects on the go for the holiday, i think i may try crochet as its only 1 needle to worry about and i think it might be allowed on the plane. I will have to find out!!

Thursday, August 31, 2006

The End is Near

It turns out I am not great at keeping up to date...however, I have VERY nearly finished my jumper. All of the main knitting bit is done - i have a back AND a front, and two sleeves. All thats left is to sew it all together and knit a collar. I will definately post a pic when it's done. Not too sure of the colour and may have to dye it before i'll wear it - but still! My first completed (*touch wood*) project!! That isn't a scarf or a wristband. I do intend to take photos of all of my knitting and will hopefully get them online. Until then...

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Swatching is king

It's official! I am about to start my first proper project. A peppermint twist jumper from the Stitch n Bitch handbook. I have swatched...

...i have multiplied, divided, drawn and counted and I think I am ready to cast on.

I am very excited and will use this as a diary of progress! I will also add pics of the few unfinished objects i have lying around and any advice on actually finishing them would be grrrreat! In fact, I think the only finished knitted object i have done are scarves...i'll probably add those too.

Here I go...wish me luck!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

My first real project

I have finally decided on a proper project. The one New Years Resolution I have managed (so far) to keep. I promised myself that I would knit a jumper for myself by the end of this year. One that looks good, one that I will actually wear! So...i finally found a pattern I like, I have bought the yarn and the tools I need and I am in the middle of knitting a tension swatch! Hurrah!!

I am very excited, but i think i have to make some adjustments to to the pattern to make it fit, soooo i have been on the knitty discussion board for advice and plan on posting my progress here.

Wish me luck!!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Happy Hooker

I have recently bought 'Stitch n Bitch - The Happy Hooker' in an attempt to learn crochet. I must say I have become a mssive fan of Debbie Stroller (the creator of Bust and Stitch n Bitch). I think i now have all of the Stitch n Bitch books. Anyway - after the quick plug - i am hoping to start crochet tonight, mainly so that I will have something to do ont he ridiculously long flight when i go to Antigua in October (I am very excited) There are only so many books I can carry and I do tend to fly through them when on holiday.

Anyway - any tips on crochet learning much appreciated! Or tips on things to do while flying...

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Bring back the good old hobbies - down with the playstation!!

It's been a while since i last posted...but better late than never, right?

I have recently taken up knitting and gardening. I am 24 years old and thoroughly enjoying them both! The knitting is a fun, cheap way of getting new clothes and accessories, and is very relaxing in the evenings in front of the telly. It's also a great escape from anything thats bothering me. It is very dificult to concentrate on what you're knitting and worry about money, work or anything else that may crop up. I know knitting is in the middle of a massive revival and is becomming cool again, but there still seems to be a lot of people who think it should be left to the grans. Pick up your sticks, boys and girls! There's a whole world of stuff to knit!!

My boyfriend and I have moved into our first house in November and the garden is being sorted as a summer project. I never thought I'd get involved and would leave it all to Matthew to sort out. But 3 herb tubs, 14 tomato plants, 12 lettuces, 2 chilli plants, 2 trays of cactus and 1 tray of coleus leaf later - I LOVE IT! It's a great way to stay out in the garden and get a tan (don't forget the suncream), it's a great way of saving (and maybe making) a little bit of money, and it is very satisfying seeing fruit on my tomato plants - i can't wait to pick them!!

I will put pictures online of my knitting and garden progress. So please, if anyone has any tips, suggestions, comments etc please, please post - there has to be other people of a simialr age out there doing similar things! It's lonely talking to myself!! :)

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

My Space

I appear to be embracing all types of new web experiences lately, inlcuding setting myself up on My Space. Admittedly, the main reason for this is to help my sister customise hers, but already i have been in touch with people i was at school with.

Anyway, if you do fancy a look check it out at

I finally managed to get a mini site done for James, although I am waiting for text and images from him.

If anyone does fancy having a look at the site, any feedback would be very much appreciated. Check it out at

Saturday, April 15, 2006

CSS Design

I am trying to do some web design for my mates in my spare time. One reason is to build up my design portfolio, the other to get better at CSS and HTML design. The great thing is that they have let me have a totally free reign, design-wise, so i can do pretty much whatever i want...the bad thing about this is that i have started many sites and not finished them because i don't like them or get bored of the design. Or i have just left it so long between working on them that i have forgotten what i intended.

Anyway, i wanted to sort out a list of references for CSS design, so the sites i have been referring to are: - a fantastic range of what css can do and a fabulous inpiration site. - a great basic guide to tags in both html and css - interesting articles and stuff

um...i will add more when i find them again!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Sunday Evening

What is it about Sunday evenings? I used to hate them when i was in school, the rush to get homework done for monday morning, getting my uniform ready, watching rubbish TV and eating a ridiculous amount of food.

Not that a great deal has changed now...but there isn't the same sense of forboding. For one thing, there's no homework and there's no uniform. And sunday evening's tend to result in a few drinks in my local pub or a glass of wine with a friend.

I also spend most of Sunday on the internet, and while this professes to be a design related blog, i thought i'd slip some design related stuff here are some websites: This is my mate's website, we were at uni together and loved together. Her work is fab and she is one of the hardest workers i know. I recently bought collars for my cats from this site. I think this site is great, it's simple and looks good. It is focused on one product and does it well.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Accessible Web Design

I have been designing websites (or trying to) did my first website (hand coded HTML) when i was for 8 years. And i still have loads to learn!

Anyway, there is always a point where i spend hours trying to get an image into the exact place i want it to be. Dreamweaver (in design view) doesn't seem to help at all. If you use the WYSIWYG train of thought - it's a lie! It's more WYSIWYAGN (What you see is what you almost get - nearly.) And it adds a lot of unnecessary code. However, if you try and work in code view what you see in design view is nothing like what you get in a web browser. Having said that, i have great respect for Dreamweaver. It is a very useful tool, and i would be lost without it. (Although i am not sure what i think of the Adobe/Macromedia merger/takeover!)

The point of this is that i have found the need to make web design accessible really focuses the mind and cuts out all the crap. it makes websites easier to work with and ensure that other people can work with them too - there's nothing worse than trying to crack someone elses code. The W3C have done nothing to make website accessibility accessible to web designers, well, until recently, and it can all look very daunting. Now, a new guide has been released by the Disability Rights Commission to help people who commission websites ensure they get accessible ones. The PAS (Publicly Available Specification) 78, which you have to buy, looks at user profiles, how disabled people use the web (whether house bound or colour blind) and testing methods amongst other information.

I could ramble for ages on this, but i'll leave it there for now.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

To eBay or not to eBay...

So what is it about eBay that is ultimately addictive?

It has everything you could ever want to 100 different colours, 12 different sizes and 3 different styles! I must spend an hour at the least on eBay everyday, determined not to miss out on a bargin, or finding out what sells so that I, too, can make money. The problem being that i spend more than i make. Productive? No!

Every now and then i think 'There must be something that isn't or hasn't already been sold on eBay!' and i have come to the conclusion that no, there isn't. Carrier bags are being sold. Why?! Who buys them? Never-the-less i log on to find out if my watched items are closer to finishing and praying that nobody has bid on the random item that i absolutley, definately MUST have. However, with all the complaint, nothing beats the exhilarating last 60 seconds when the F5 key gets pounded every 3 seconds to make sure that either you are winning the item to complete your life or to ensure there's a fight over the item you are selling...God, i'm getting excited as i type about it!

(I must confess that even as i write this, i have a window open with eBay on the go, poised to place my bid on a shirt that will probably not suit me or fit me, and will end up back on eBay this time next week!)

Friday, March 10, 2006

My first blog

[What do i do now?]
Here it is, my first blog. Easier than i thought. OK, here goes...

I went to a seminar last week that talked about blogging, and as much as i knew it happened, it had all kind of passed me by. So, as i am a marketer (in the making) and a 'new media' designer i thought i should check it out. I can't quite get to grips with the amount of information out there, it's crazy. Anyway, here i am...

i think i'm a bit overwhelmed by it all at the moment, it will get better i promise! It's kind of the same feeling when someone hands you a sheet of paper and says 'draw something'...uh...

Just as a general guide i will be blogging about design, ideas and inspiration, as well as a little bit about me and...stuff. (Please dont be put off by this post. )